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"He's incredibly kind, caring and sensitive," Couric said of Perlin.

"He challenges me in ways I wouldn't be challenged otherwise." "Even if we are not on the same page all the time, I like being in his space," she added.

Also, below are some fairly strident writings, especially when it comes to protecting LGBTQ youth and others who lack voices of their own. ) Table of Contents (Scroll Down for Posts) July 13, 2017 Helping America to Become Unlost (click here for PDF) June 18, 2017 Healing After Philando: Apology and Forgiveness are Critical (click for PDF) May 29, 2017 Shutting Down Hate (click for PDF) April 13, 2017 Letting Target Corporation Know that I am Grateful (click here for PDF) March 23, 2017 An Open Letter to the People Who Hate Me (click here for PDF) February 23, 2017 Thinking of You in Birmingham (click here for PDF) January 29, 2017 Coffee with Lady Liberty January 22, 2017 Bending History January 16, 2017 MLK Day 2017 January 10, 2017 Impact Report for 2016 January 2, 2017 Starting November 17, 2016 Tips for Going Forward November 9, 2016 Donald Trip as President: Three Steps Forward, Two Back November 4, 2016 Visiting My Roots-Iowa September 11, 2016 Remembering September 5, 2016-Labor Day Gratitude and Work July 30-August 3, 2016 A Road Trip West with Purpose August 1, 2016 Day 1-Sioux Falls August 2, 2016 Day 2-Rapid City August 3, 2016 Day 3-Laramie July 9, 2016 Thinking and Acting Differently Toward Those Who are “Different” July 7, 2016 Another Horror and the Complete Absence of a Plan June 21, 2016 A Single Garment of Destiny June 18, 2016 More Thoughts on Pulse Orlando June 12, 2016 Horror June 3, 2016 Three Reasons Why Employers Should Recognize Pride Month May 23, 2016 Whoops and Cheers for Hope and Compassion May 1, 2016 An Open Letter to Target Corporation Team Members March 27, 2016 Gifts-Given and Taken January 24, 2016 My 2015 Impact Report January 18, 2016 MLK Day January 10, 2016 This Precious Life August 1, 2015 Review: I am Cait July 16, 2015 Caitlyn Jenner: A New Era Begins May 25, 2015 Paying it Forward April 26, 2015 A Transgender Person’s Reflection on Bruce Jenner’s Coming Out April 4, 2015 Rippling January 5, 2015 An Open Letter to Ever Leelah Alcorn in the World September 21, 2014 The “Rent” for Living: Mentoring April 19, 2014 Resiliency February 15, 2014 Intent and Forgiveness January 4, 2014 The Price of Living Authentically November 27, 2013 Thank you, Iowa!

However, if you are reading this to determine whether to invite me to speak or train to your organization, please know that I fully subscribe to the rule that there’s a time and place for everything. (click here for PDF) Posts July 13, 2017 Helping America to Become Un Lost I want to write about making our country “unlost.” While in New York City last week for a vacation, I visited the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan.

With a single new tweet, President Trump set official Washington abuzz Saturday afternoon: "If a new Health Care Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for members of Congress will end very soon! We get angry at the world," Jump says, "where the direction is going, what Washington is telling us we have to teach our kids, all of these sorts of things." But as in the case of Jump's two deacons, "if we would win a seat on the local school board, then that board determines the superintendent, curriculum, funding and direction of the school.

"The text, spirit, and 111-year history of the Antiquities Act of 1906 militate against presidential power to revoke a national monument proclamation made by a predecessor president. If every church in America would make sure the majority of the school board were members of their church, the world would be a lot better place."Chris Hughes believes Christians who look to make a real difference in the public square need to change their strategy of involvement.

Being at Ground Zero reminded me of how our country came together after that horrific day.

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PHOTOS: HOLLYWOOD IS A REAL-LIFE 'COUGAR TOWN' The sharp interviewer began dating Perlin in 2006, eight years after Monahan died of colon cancer."I've been ‘cougared,' which was just obnoxious." "But if it's good enough for Demi, right? And like Demi Moore and her much-younger husband Ashton Kutcher, Couric and Perlin couldn't escape photographers' long lenses when they vacationed together recently.PHOTOS: STARS GO PUBLIC WITH THEIR AFFECTION The couple's relaxation time on a Florida beach in January ended up being well-documented.Note to Reader: I’m a writer at heart and blog as much as possible.There are many things I’d like to write about, but time is limited, so there are some big gaps between blog posts.

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