Men dating celibate women

Consider this: he may be sexually attracted to you. It shouldn't take you more than 90 days to figure whether you want to have sex or not.

I am healthy, and do have sexual desires, but like you, I think that is something to be saved for marriage.

So don't allow your fear of having sex to hold you or him captive. Be very considerate of his time and what you're asking him to do.

Remember that what you're asking is a stretch with an unknown destination date.

As you get to know each other, you can be a bit more lenient but he is most likely to have sexual thoughts about you in the beginning. you’re going to have be inventive as you’ll be meeting up in the day for lunch, picnics and walks loool.

If you don’t want him to fall into the same patterns as he’s done with previous women, end your calls before midnight. That sounds basic but honestly by dating in daylight you are making a huge statement and setting the tone on how he views you. Be friends first It’s likely your ‘no sex rule’ will be difficult for him to accept at first.

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