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The project is expected to last for 3 years with an opening slated for 2017. Los Angeles Picture yourself at the Dolby Theater on the "Star studded" "Hollywood Walk of Fame" with this live HD view of the home of the worldwide Oscar Award broadcasts as well as nearby attractions. Explore the Hall of Fame to see the best images from our worldwide network of live streaming video and megapixel cameras.You can even share your favorites via Facebook and Twitter. Southlake Earth Cam is transporting viewers to Southlake, TX with this live streaming webcam.The remains of the eyas have been removed and will be tested. Before the young even fledge, they need the perfect recipe to survive and thrive.We hope to determine what went wrong with this chick, which may also shed light on why the other eyas died earlier in the week and was removed by the resident male. This cool, wet spring has been tough on many long time successful nests along the coast of New Jersey, who are the backbone for the state population.Please note that most tox guidelines for what is toxic vs. The report done by the vet states that the lead level was high, and the exposure to DDE and PCBs was significant for a small chick.Lead is known for neurological effects, which is what Wildlife Biologist, Kathy Clark noted and surmised might be happening when our chick could not hold it's head up." It has certainly been a difficult season for the falcons at the Union County nest.Choose your favorite image and share via email, Facebook and Twitter.

S., Southlake is the proud home of Southlake Town Square, the Carroll Dragons, Bicentennial Park and the Bob Jones Nature Center.

Stay up-to-date on Bayonne Bridge with views from this construction camera and interactive archive calendar.

Select any date and time to see what happened on the construction site that day.

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