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The Wisconsin Humane Society offers a unique bunny dating program to find the perfect match for your furry friend.

Members of our staff are trained to help you and your rabbit find the perfect new best friend!

Another rabbit will not take your place in his life but will give him a playmate when you are at work or places that take you away from home.

Bunny buddies will cuddle, snuggle, groom and give kisses to each other.

If you are out of US, you may need to pay it with Credits.

If you are in US, you could apply for a free US phone number immediately.

You’d be surprised at what odd couples have been fallen for each other! It is important to review the following items to ensure that you and your rabbit are prepared for your bunny date.

For help using online services or if you are truly unable to apply online call 414-438-7713 or 608-232-0824 during business hours: Monday – Friday, AM – PM.

You may be asked to call on a specific day of the week.

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