Dating personals for people with ostomy

She was so kind and I am grateful to her for her wonderful care. I woke up to find out a few inches of my colon were removed and I now had a colostomy.

We also wanted to show not only my journey, but also how the spouse can help healing through support and acceptance. Stoma Marking shown Night Before Step 1 Surgery Here is Mark the night before surgery.

I am well hydrated but still would like my stool a little looser (I am Paranoid of a blockage). It works the same for me as eating a couple of peaches a day would. The only medication I take, though, is 10 mg of Ditropan XL daily. i am not sure if you saw a neutricianist when you were in the hospital after the colostomy but I am not exactly sure what they would say.

It has at one point been close to a blockage at the very end near the opening. yikes, it was the main reason for my considering one. Hi Mike, Citrucel keeps things "moving" for me--not the pill kind, the powder kind mixed in an 8 oz glass of water. You have the brea/starch group, the meat/protien group, the vegatable/fruit group, and the dairy group.

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Member From Native American Passions, on December 18, 2013, I started talking to a man and somehow we seemed to hit it right off the bat.

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