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I'm not sure if I'm dwelling on this too much, but does anyone feel like it's a major road block when you're trying to hook up with women?

I try not to bring it up when I'm dating, but it eventually gets to a point where she'll bring up the living situation and I feel totally embarrassed to admit I'm still living with my folks...23.....the basement to boot.

I'm not going into debt for pussy that I'm sure of. couldnt you compromise and get some roommates or something? i think thats why i come here all the time I'm still living with my parents and I don't find it a hinderance..

well i am 25 and i spend most nights at my folks..... If when you say that you live them you give away that it makes you uncomfortable/embarresed then there is an issue.. "Adversity breeds strength" "Self-Improvement is mental masturbation" "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." Those who are willing and able to separate themselves from the weakness and vulnerability of emotion will rise above those who are bound and victimized by it.

Set some reasonable expectations—for everyone involved—before you even step through the door.

Alright, you may have to have a curfew so your poor mother doesn't think something terrible has happened to you if you're not home by in the morning—but your mom also needs to understand that she can't just barge into your room without any notice.

No matter why you're doing it, there are some steps you can take to make the situation easier for everyone.

True, you may have been able to come and go as you please, leave your room a disaster, and have a new guest over every night while you were in the residence halls, but this arrangement may not work for your folks.

Many people, however, move back in with their folks for a wide range of reasons.

Just trying to find a reliable job so I can move out. After college is when girls start treating you like a tremendous loser.

I'm still living with my parents and I don't find it a hinderance.. Just be sure you make it clear that you are working, going to school to better yourself and plan on coming out with no debt unlike everyone else.

Your parents, however, will always view you as their child.

Do your best to keep this in mind as you figure out how things will work once you move back in.

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