Ps3 has problems updating

Anyone else got a firmware update tonight and have it mess up your PS3?

I've searched and found no info on there being an update and I've been playing online for the past week (Last of Us). All I could find was someone suggesting to take out the HDD and replace it with another one (don't have an extra HDD laying around). Also, if I try to turn it off it just makes a double beep noise and won't shut off. Turn it back on and its just back at the wave with nothing else on the screen.

I updated it and now it sits at the wave screen and is just completely blank. Anyone else have this issue or, hell, even have to update tonight?

Um I just signed into PSN a few hours ago to play a few matches of Tekken and it never prompted me for an update to sign into PSN. Not too concerned about that, just hoping there was some reason so I could get it back up and running. Well did find this so apparently there is an update?

ps3 has problems updating-76

I have downloaded several other games and updates in the past with none of the above issues, and - Is there anything else you can suggest, and do you know if there's a chance you will be releasing a "fixed" update/patch for PS3 in the near future?We are currently investigating the issue, and will be sure to update you as soon as more information becomes available. Game runs fine UNLESS on PSN, then constant hangs at character load.In the meantime, you may want to try the following troubleshooting step which was offered here.1. Click more options and select export save -- It'll prompt you to sign in, do that, you might get an error that says the diablo servers are busy, (this may take several attempts). At least it's not asking for me to update my save data now? I was having the same issues, but got it to work using this method: 1) sign out of psn2) start up the game3) do the update if you haven't yet for 1.034) STAY SIGNED OUT OF PSN5) select "more" then "export save"6) now it will prompt you to sign in to psn, sign in7) a message will pop up saying that it's exporting, but will probably fail to connect to the server.So basically avoid that damn update cuz it must have issues. I updated my PS3 and it turned it into a giant screensaver. Another reason PC games and Nintendo when friends are over is the way to live. Thanks for letting us know man, I hope there is no irreversible damage done to your system.I'm not sure why I was prompted to download it already. : DThanks to GB for existing because I was using google to try and find the problem and then I found this. Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.

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