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British Mayors (2017) • Canadian Mayors (2016) • French Mayors (2016) • German mayors (2017) • Italian mayors (2016) • Japanese mayors (2017) • Polish mayors (2017) • Spanish mayors (2016) • US mayors (2017) 1 Bart Somers, Mechelen, Belgium 2 Wolfgang G Müller, Lahr, Germany 3 Georgios Kaminis, Athens, Greece 4 Guisi Nicolini, Lampedusa, Italy 5 Richard Arnold, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany 6 Mirjam van 't Veld, Amstelveen Netherlands 7 Spiros Galinos, Lesbos, Greece 8 Pavel Adamowicz, Gdansk, Poland 9 Damien Carême, Grande-Synthe, France 10 Henriette Reker, Cologne, Germany 11 July 2016: In addition to three regions and three cultural communities, Belgium is also divided into 10 provinces and 589 municipalities.

The provincial governments are primarily administrative units and are politically weak.

Everything in life needs balance, especially relationships, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. A little mystery is fun and exciting, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

While you don’t want to be with a guy who clings to you like a dryer sheet and doesn’t respect your independence, dating someone who goes days without returning your texts is also impossible. It’s awesome to gradually learn more about a guy while revealing parts of yourself as well.

CD&V = Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (Christian Democratic and Flemish). CDH = Centre Démocrate Humaniste (Humanist Democratic Centre) Open VLD = Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats) FDF = Fédéralistes Démocrates Francophones; part of MR MR = Mouvement Réformateur: centre right **Next municipal elections in Belgium: 2018.

However, everyday, your parents are being scared by the media hype about kidnapping, rapes, and drugs. Ask your parents how they define "dating" and what you need to do to get more freedom. Tell them you know they're worried, and tell them specifics about how you take care of yourself when you're away from them.

Ask, if showing them you can meet a particular responsibility will earn you another half hour curfew, or are there ways they would feel you're safe if you did things a different way.

He might use his “attachment” as a way of keeping you away from your friends and family, control the way you look, and other emotional manipulation. Of course, that’s not to say all distant guys have double lives, but if he WERE to hide something big from you, he’d need extra space to do it. That’s part why they’re so satisfying when they’re successful.

But dating a distant guy may mean way too much work.

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