Sophia myles dating david tennant

With the great sense of humor and that mesmerizing blue eyes, hardly anyone can escape her charm.

But this beauty seems to have a hard luck when it comes to relationships.

Her yelling ends with “” just so that we know who the mystery man is. Mickey gushes over how cool it is while Rose asks if there’s anything dangerous around. Inside is an opulent fireplace with a clock on it, just like the one from the teaser.

The Doctor immediately dates it to the eighteenth century and informs us that it’s double-sided.

a sense of self-preservation makes for bad TV, age ain’t nothing but a number unless you’re being pedotastic, eyeball trauma, sense this doesn’t any make, that’s what happens, the tinkly orchestra of feels, time fuckery, we’re taking everyone to hogwarts Kirsti: We open at Versailles in the height of its opulence. A man in a red velvet coat approaches a woman in a dress four times wider than she is, and tells her that they have to go.

It’s Sophia Myles, who I know better as Beth from .” She turns and informs the man that there’s been someone watching over her for her entire life and he won’t let her down. ”, and she tells him that this mystery guy is the only guy she’s ever loved besides him.

Georgia had him when she was 17 and still at school.

The Doctor introduces himself, and she says that her name is Reinette and that she lives in Paris in 1727.

But when she does, she makes everyone fall in love with her even more than they already did before.

Such is her persona that she brightens a room with her presence.

He gets “I WILL CUT YOU” face, and she tells him to calm the fuck down and go take care of his wife, the queen, because she’s only his mistress. He does some investigation and finds that the ship is indeed abandoned and it’s stationary, but there’s huge amounts of power going SOMEWHERE.

She crouches down and starts yelling into the fireplace about how it’s time. The TARDIS vworp-vworps its way aboard an abandoned spaceship. Suddenly, they all realise they can smell something cooking and head off to investigate. The Doctor hits a button on the console and a door opens behind them.

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